Hospital vs. Home Birth

Is there any expectant mother who isn’t a bit afraid of the birthing experience? When you are pregnant, you can glow and love the idea of the pregnancy. However, actually giving birth is scary and something which many find difficult. However, there are more who are looking into the possibility of home births rather than giving birth in a hospital. It’s a popular option as more parents wish to have their child at home rather than being stuck in a hospital which they don’t feel so happy about Is a home birth really safe and is this better than a hospital birth? Read on to find out more.

Hospital Births Have Doctors When You Need Them

First of all, it’s important to remember that when you opt for a hospital birth you have a team of doctors at your side, not for anything but solely for your safety and protection. In the case of a home birth, for the most part, if the birth is a rather smooth and easy one, it’ll be you, your partner and the midwife! If something goes wrong, you’ll have to be brought to the hospital so doctors can assess and do what needs to be done, things that the midwife cannot do. Hospital births tend to be a little more popular also because there is available oxygen, respirator, and anesthesia to help you get through the pain. What’s more, a lot of women prefer to have their personal doctor there since they have been treating them throughout this time.

Home Births Can Be Tricky

If the birthing experience goes smoothly then you shouldn’t have too much trouble with a home birth. However, there is always an element of risk associated with it. Home births are tricky simply because you are at home and usually there is only the midwife on hand. If something were to go wrong, a doctor wouldn’t be there to help so it’s a scary process. As said, most don’t have trouble but you can never tell with babies. What’s more, if you need assistance or the baby has to be delivered in another manner then it’s not easy moving you to a hospital since it takes time to wait for an ambulance, plus the travel time to the hospital.

Which Is Best – Home Or Hospital?

pregnantEvery mother must choose for themselves. Yes, a lot of people advise against home births but many do use them and if that is your choice, make sure you have the right people on hand to help. However, if you feel a hospital birth is a more appropriate method for you, use it and hopefully, the experience will be smooth and not as painful as you might think. Choosing between a home birth and a hospital delivery is hard because while home births might be appealing and convenient, they aren’t always viable for mothers.


Love the Birthing Experience

Giving birth can be an exciting but an equally stressful experience. Nevertheless, it is always rewarding once the baby is born, no matter what method you choose. If you are thinking about opting for a home birth, ensure you talk this through with the doctor and continue with regular check-ups. Your doctor might advise against the home birth route if you’ve had a complicated pregnancy or past delivery. Think about what is best for you and the child and choose the route that you see fit, safe and convenient for you. If you want to err on the side of caution, a hospital birth might prove useful.

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