Advantages Of Having A Midwife During Pregnancy


Most women seek the health services of a physician or obstetrician during their journey to pregnancy. But there is a growing number of pregnant women who seek the care and service of a midwife. Some women have tested and proven the benefits of getting a midwife while they are pregnant and during birth. In fact, they believe that there is much better outcome both for the mother and the baby.

Midwives can guide the mother with having the proper nutrition. They have sufficient knowledge of the different healthy foods that the pregnant mother needs. They can also teach routine exercises to maintain fitness and health. Additionally, some, if not most, midwives help pregnant mothers stop their bad habits, such as smoking. For more severe forms of smoking habits, getting help for this addiction from institutions is also an option.

Below are some of the advantages that you should consider in deciding if you should get the service of a midwife:





Midwives not only provide care for you during pregnancy and post labor, but they also provide guidance and help you during the pre-pregnancy period. The period of preconception is a critical part of pregnancy because it prepares the mother for a more serious and delicate responsibility – giving birth.

You and your midwife can also talk about your preferred birthing plans so that they can assist you with all the preparations you need.


During Pregnancy

For first-time moms to be, they have a lot of questions and concerns regarding the pregnancy and birthing plan so it is helpful that they will have a midwife at their side during this period. Most of their fears and queries will be answered and explained thoroughly by a midwife.

Having a midwife can give you the guidance and support you need to make your pregnancy less stressful. They are able to discuss with you about pregnancy education. They can assist you in everything you need to know about what will happen during pregnancy, labor, and post labor.

If you are going through physical and emotional stress, you can also talk to them about it.  They will help you with your preferred options in birthing by explaining the processes involved in each option and by educating you with the expectations of giving birth.


Labor and Delivery

Birthing experience is a scary and stressful situation for all mothers-to-be. But if you are an expectant mother, you can ease your anxiety by seeking the aid of a midwife who will provide you capably of relevant information and assistance that you need at this time. Having someone who is there for you all throughout your pregnancy until labor and delivery is truly helpful and important. They have that personal touch because they have been with women like you and have been taking care of their needs.

They will be with you and assist you during your entire labor process. They are trained to teach you techniques on how to get through this phase. They can also provide pain relief methods that you can use during labor.  Throughout the process, they will monitor your overall wellness, including your physical and mental health. They can also be hands on during the birthing process.




Post Birth

After delivering a wonderful baby to this world, your midwife will still be there for you to teach you on mother and baby education. They will give you information about breastfeeding – should it be your choice for your child. They can also refer you to lactation consultants.

Postpartum care for the mother and assistance in newborn care will also be provided.


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