The 2014 Las Vegas Depression Statistics On Las Vegas Sands

The 2014 las vegas depression statistics showed the tremendous fall of Las Vegas Sands from its peak rise in 2014. This means that there is a great turnaround in the markets of Macao, and a promising opportunity for new companies to come in, even for non-gaming operations. The next move for the management is to diversify revenues and advertising resorts as tourist┬áspots. This will allow more visitors to enter Macao, an influx of non-gamers that will all the same boost Macau’s market. Investors are also expected to increase in number. Despite the obvious decline in LVS, including Wynn, buildup on investment is expected.



The Casino Gaming and Gambling Industry

The worldwide market in casino and gambling revenues were approximately $183 billion in 2015, and it rose annually at more than 9% between 2009 and 2015. Macau has the largest casino market in the world, and following are Las Vegas and Singapore respectively.

Wynn shares declined to about 8% during the last trading, after declining to as low as $144. This year, its stocks have a total decrease of 5%. This is also the reason why the casino market experienced depression in U.S. trading. The stocks also took a downslope after Caesars Corp, the biggest casino operator in America, declared that revenues in the third quarter would be less heavy because of fewer events in Vegas and, of course, competition from other casino operators.

Perhaps investors need to get a grip on their stock market stress and not watch everything on television especially about the stock market. This is not the best time to always focus on it, but be carefree and think about the party you’re going to tonight.



This month is usually a very positive month for the market, and the Dow has only declined since 1931. According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, the S&P 500 estimated a 1.6% profit for December, making it the best month for the market.





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